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RED - Empty YELLOW - Require additional details and content. Requires more images GREEN - Completed to initial completion guidelines. Ready for sharing / featuring. Additional content can continue to be added.

Completion Guidelines

Motif Box - all fields with the exception of Audio needs to be filled out.

Summary - This is the section to add any information about the real object (if there is one being represented) and at the bare minimum, a small paragraph that summarizes concisely what the motif is is acceptable. Where possible, however, please expand further and provide information such as: species and scientific name (where relevant), any additional names it may be known by, it's history (did it originate from within Japan or was it imported?), etc. Distinctions between completely different species ("not to be confused with") should be added in in the Identification & Style and Variations section.

Seasonal Use, Exceptions and Pairings - Are there distinct variations of this motif? View kiku and sakura to see how to display variations.

Motif Examples - A minimum of three different examples.

Motif in Literature & other Usages - at least on mention in literature or poetry. Often, poetry is the easiest to locate.

Right Sidebar Images - a minimum of three, varied images. Examples: kamon, netsuke, woodblock prints, etc

1. Motif Box 2. Summary 3. Seasonal Use 4. Motif Examples 5. Motif in Literature 6. Images 7. References 8. Code Clean-Up