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NOTE: Please remember that this template can only be used to create permission templates for image groups created by the person. Images created by someone else cannot be released for use by someone who does not hold their copyrights.
NOTE: If you wish to set different terms for different images (for instance, resitricting the use of photos of people more than the use of images of objects), please create more permission templates as needed.


Please note that if a specific right is not explicitly released, it should be filled in as "reserved".

<noinclude>{{Note|Use: {{T|Permission Name}} }}</noinclude>
| name          = name of the holder of the copyrights, along with any relevant aliases
| release       = link(s) to release info (e.g. Flickr sets, IG forum post in the List of Flickr Members with CC and WikiMedia Commons thread)
| scope         = what images are released by this permission (e.g. "all my geiko and maiko drawings at [link to Flickr stream]"; "the 400x800 px resolution versions of the images in my photo gallery at my homesite [link])
| target        = who may use the images (e.g. IG wiki; IG wiki + forums; everyone)
| attribution   = how the creator should be attributed, by what name, and where (i.e. does the name need to be mentioned in the caption whenever an image under this permission is used)
| derivatives   = can the images be changed in any way? (cropping, resizing, retouching, using in collages etc)
| commercial    = may the images be used for commercial purposes?
| additional    = any additional terms
<noinclude>[[Category:Permission Templates]]</noinclude>


Copyright Information

This image is COPYRIGHTED and its use in this wiki is authorised by the following permission
Holder of copyrights {{{name}}}
Release info {{{release}}}
Permission scope {{{scope}}}
Target {{{target}}}
Attribution {{{attribution}}}
Derivatives {{{derivatives}}}
Commercial use {{{commercial}}}
Additional terms {{{additional}}}