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Whoah - so that's how my talk works - notifying you on the homepage! Anyhow - yes I did change, I think I prefer it like that. I was going to go through and change the categories myself - but if you get to it before me, go right ahead! --<a href="User:Immortal Geisha">Immortal Geisha</a> 16:16, 20 May 2011 (PDT)

Where to post answers? About capitalization: I didn't changed specifically the linked words, I just went with the regular german grammar and capitalized every noun ^^. Does it change the link? If yes, I'll change it again, but it looks akward within german sentences. Greetings, SilberRegen EDIT: Just noticed you meant the original article. I don't remember changing anything there beside the link to the translation. Maybe it changed automatically when a link on the nother page was capitalized? I am sory, didn't mean to cause that.