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User:Immortal Geisha


All images related to geisha and kimono in my Flickr photostream are able to be used within the wiki.

The only credit you need to do is when you upload the photo - make sure the image page has "Copyright of Naomi Graham Hormozi". You don't need to add the same credit on the article page or under the image in use.

My Flickr Sets:

Additionally, anything kimono or geisha related in my photostream that I may not have added to a set yet, you can use.

Please let me know if you need:

  • A clean scan of an image because a watermark or the fan logo is obstructing view.
  • A cropped scan from any postcards, photos, other ephemera (i.e. a motif on a vintage kimono, etc). Just make sure you clearly explain to me what you need
  • If you need me to take any close up photographs of motifs/rinzu/etc from my kimono collection. I will be re-photographing for motif purposes, but if I haven't gotten around to it yet and you have an article you want to push out, just let me know.

I also have boxes upon boxes filled with antique kimono scrap fabric - so if you are having difficulty locating motif examples, tell me and I'll take a look.


I have a substantial library of both English and Japanese language kimono, geisha and craft books. I'll go through and create a list of them over the next couple of days. If you need me to go through any looking for information about motifs, kimono, etc - just let me know and I'll see what I can do.

To Do

Transfer of articles from the main site to the wiki:

  • Editorial #1: You Put WHAT on your face?
  • Memoirs of a Geisha FAQ
  • Geisha and Maiko FAQ
  • Miscellaneous FAQ
  • Website FAQ - Re-wrote it to be more relevant to the site switch.
  • Glossary
  • History of Geisha, Part One
  • *Make-up of Geisha and Maiko - content added. This article really needs to be completely re-done.
  • Hairstyles - Maiko Hairstyles
  • Bio - Toyochiyo
  • Bio - Teruha
  • Bio - Toyoka
  • Kamogawa Odori 1924
  • Kamogawa Odori 1928
  • Miyako Odori 1917
  • Miyako Odori 1933
  • Miyako Odori 1937
  • Miyako Odori 1954
  • Miyako Odori 1958
  • Miyako Odori 1961
  • Azuma Odori 1949 Spring
  • Azuma Odori 1950 Autumn
  • Azuma Odori 1951 Spring
  • Azuma Odori 1951 Autumn
  • Geisha Book Reviews
  • Links
  • The Face Behind
  • About Immortal Geisha

  • Finish Shishi article and add references.
  • Finish Momotaro article and add photos.
  • More work on Teruha.
    • Need to add gallery of images.
    • Wondering if I should split the Jim Gatlan research onto it's own page and link to it from the main Teruha? Thoughts, anyone?
  • Start Tsuzumi article.
    • Need to photograph my tsuzumi pieces.
  • Scan in photos from the Taisho era booklet that has various women's hairstyles for the Nihongami article.
  • Create Tomigiku (Taisho) page.