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User:Hikari evyon

Evan Mason

(IG username: hikari_evyon) IG Wiki Author, Japanese editor


I'm a alumnus University of Pittsburgh (2011-2015) having studied Japanese, Anthropology, and Latin and also a study abroad alumnus of Nanzan University (2013-2014). My interest in kimono began in the summer of 2010. I do programming at Japanese anime and culture conventions to introduce people to kimono as well as present on kimono and do demos for the University of Pittsburgh and the Japan America Society of Pennsylvania. I study and wear both men's and women's kimono. I have a strong interest in Classical Japanese and enjoy the poetry of Ono no Komachi.

Areas of Specialty/Research

  • presentation and teaching method used for Classical Japanese to both Japanese and foreign students; developing linguistic-oriented teaching method for Classical Japanese
  • classical Japanese grammar and Heian/early Feudal Japanese poetry
  • modern Japanese grammar and linguistics
  • kimono in modern Nagoya
  • kimono in the Meiji Era
  • general education of kimono; educational presentations on kimono
  • mofuku


To Do

  • meiji era kimono
  • 着付けと帯結び百科
  • きもの文化検定問題集 2013
  • 振袖大好き!
  • Ono no Komachi
  • kimono etymology
  • kimono kanji
  • old systems of measurement

Finished/Final Touches

Needed Copypastas

ā, ē, ī, ō, ū

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