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Featured Article - Komon

Komon literally means "small print". This term applies to any kimono with a print covering the entire surface of the kimono, with no particular direction or layout. The actual design can be any kind of pattern or weave -- "komon" is only an umbrella classification.


  • Repeating all-over pattern.
  • Stripes (horizontal or vertical).
  • Larger patterns are for younger people.
  • Made from linen, hemp, wool, synthetic and silk.
  • Ranges from around the house casual (fudangi) to semi-formal.


  • Edo Komon - A komon consisting of tiny dots that create a subtle design and look to be a solid colour from a distance. Edo Komon and are closer to iromuji in formality.


Taisho period komon with shishi inside of sasa.