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Featured Article - 53 Stations of the Tokaido
Starting point - 日本橋 - Nihonbashi bridge

(Also romanized as Tokkaido, Toukaido, or Tōkaidō)

This motif is based on a series of Ukiyo-e prints by reknowned artist Hiroshige Ando. The fifty-three stations of the Tokaido are famous rest stops along the route between the new capital, Edo (Tokyo), and the old capital, Kyoto. Hiroshige (along with many other artists) was so inspired by many of these famous views that he created a series of woodblock carvings, one for each of the 53 stops as well as one for the starting point - Nihonbashi Bridge leading out of Edo, and Keishi - the ending point of the bridge leading into Kyoto.

The first edition was so successful, and Hiroshige was still so inspired, that he proceeded to create several further series of prints, focusing on different times of year or different features of the area.

These prints, particularly the first series, became so popular that they are commonly reproduced on many items in Japan - artwork, dishware, consumer goods, handbags, and of course, kimono.