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Featured Article - Yumioka Katsumi
Yumioka Katsumi

Yumioka started his career as a freelance hair and make-up artist. His work soon extended into the world of magazine, CD cover jackets, TV commercial and more. He also worked his way into the world of kimono styling, where he soon started collecting antique kimono.

Eventually, Yumioka's collection developed into his kimono antique shop, Ichinokura. Active as an instigator of the Japanese antique kimono movement, he has vigorously expanded his work, including exhibits held at the Ginza Matsuya, Yokohama Sogo, and Umeda Hankyu department stores.

He is also famous for his patchwork designs using old Japanese cloth and has published many kimono and patchwork design books for the Japanese market.

"If you learn [kitsuke] at a kimono academy, there's no sense of individuality. It's best to teach yourself. Also, it's natural for a kimono to gradually lose its shape as you wear it. The subtle movements you use to fix it can help express a woman's inner tenderness and charm."