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Okimono Kimono

Book Information
Title Okimono Kimono
Author/Editor CLAMP Mokona
Publisher Dark Horse
Year Published 2010
ISBN 1595824561
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Okimono Art
Design Commentary by Mokona
Okimono Ensembles:17 Antique Styles
Okimono Talk Part 1: Mokona and Onuki Ami (Puffy Ami/Yumi)
Okimono Stroll
Okimono Accessories
Mokona's Okimono & Accessory Advice
Mokona's Handmade Accessories
Mokona's Accesory Collection
Okimono Diary
Okimono Talk Part 2: Mokona and Yumioka Katsumi (owner of Ichinokura)
Okimono Work
"Chipmunk's Pawlonia Chest" by CLAMP Igarashi Satsuki
Okimono Pattern Gallery
In Conclusion
Store Credits
Profile of Mokona

Sample Pages

Recommended For

  • People interested in kimono coordination
  • People interested in modern styles of wearing kimono
  • People interested in women's casual kimono
  • People who like lots of pictures

Not Recommended For

  • People interested in men's/children's kimono
  • People interested in formal attire
  • People interested in learning how to put on kimono or obi
  • People wanting to know how to care for their kimono
  • People looking for wordy articles
  • People with very "Yamanaka Norio" taste in kimono

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