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Motif Information
Motif nozarashi 01.jpg
Rōmaji Nozarashi
English Weather-exposed skeleton
Kanji 野曝し, 野晒し
Kana のざらし
Season autumn
Seasonal Exceptions summer
Auspicious No
Motif Type Object. Natural.

Nozarashi, meaning "exposed in a field", is a motif of skulls, bones, and/or skeletons. It is can be found most often in men's items and other summer wafuku items.

Seasonal Use, Exceptions & Pairings

Nozarashi is featured in some popular folk or horror tales. Japanese traditions of telling scary stories in summer to send shivers down people's spines and cool them down means an increase in skull-themed yukata and summer items.

As a motif it was considered to be a symbol of courage or preparedness and would easily appear on shoubou banten (firemen's jacket). [1]

In order to determine the correct season, type of weight and weave of fabric must be considered along with whether it is lined and any additional motifs.

Common Motif Pairings

  • crescent moons (autumn)
  • dried grasses (autumn)

Motif Examples

Motif in Literature & Other Usage

A quote from legendary samurai warrior and daimyo Date Masamune (1567-1636) goes:

kenka shinaide / kurasojanaika / suehatakaini / kono hisashi kata

Don't quarrel my honey, in the end, both of us become such a skeleton.[2]

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