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How to Wear: Obiage

This aritcle is about wearing obiage. For information about obiage, formality, the TPO chart, and more, see the obiage entry.

Obiage Through History

Obiage is required when wearing a full-width obi, and is not worn with hanhaba obi. [1]

  • need for obiage is tied in to increase in size of obi, from cords to the 30cm (12") width it is now
  • more popular after an otaiko style musubi was developed, as it was needed to hide the makura [2]

General Wearing Information

The amount of obiage showing is not indicative of formality but of age. The older one is, the more obiage is tucked in behind the obi, out of sight. Young women may wear their obiage wrapped over the obi to show more of it. Younger women also tend to wear more brightly coloured obiage than their older counterparts. [3]


How To's

  • knot, bows, furisode tuck, etc.

Article Notes

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