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Heisei Period

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History of Japan
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Era name Heisei
Dates 1989 - present
Kanji 平成
See also: Era Name

The Heisei Period or era is the current era. The reigning emperor is Akihito



Heisei Era has seen a huge resurgence in kimono culture in general. What was once viewed as stodgy and matronly is now once again the domain of fashion-forward youth. Many young women (and men!) have taken to raiding their parents' closets, and because of this what is old is new again. The bright vivid colours and bold patterns of the Taisho era are very much in favour right now, with people scrambling to express their own vibrant personalities. Furisode fashion in particular varies from the sweet and subdued to the loud and flashy. Unique "western-style" designs are also very trendy.

Developments in the Floating World

Once again, youthful interest in Japanese culture and heritage has brought about a dramatic surge in the numbers of active Geisha and Maiko. After World War II, the numbers had been decreasing steadily as Japanese society sought to modernize itself, and women were more interested in getting exciting office jobs. However, since the beginning of the present era, the estimated number of active geisha and maiko in Japan has risen from a few hundred to roughly two thousand. While this pales in comparison to the nearly eighty thousand active during the Taisho era, it does bode well for the future of the profession.

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