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Forum: Rules

Welcome to Immortal Geisha forums!

Here at the Immortal Geisha Forums, we have a few rules. This may look daunting, but in reality they are all very simple and common sense rules to follow. We are proud of how long Immortal Geisha Forums have been kept drama free and inviting to all, which is a direct result of the rules we have put in place. Please read all of them carefully before before registering and posting.

We work here on a "three strikes, you're out" philosophy. Breaking the rules below will result in a strike. Three strikes and you will receive a month-long temporary ban. An instance of bad behavior after that will result in a permanent ban. The moderating team as a whole work together to resolve any issues and decide on what course of action is appropriate to take and if a strike needs to be issued, rather than any one single moderator taking action. All the moderators tend to have very slightly different views about issues, which means the course of action selected in the end has been very throughly reviewed and agreed upon by all moderators. Our aim is not to play favourites, but to be fair to all and keep the atmosphere of the forum intact.

The Rules

1. Age Limit

While Immortal Geisha Forums is not an adult forum, it deals on occasion with topics of an adult nature. Because of this, we believe it is inappropriate to have members under the age of 15. If you are under 15, please be respectful of our decision to have an age limit and wait to join until you have turned 15. If we discover there are members who have been dishonest about their age in the registration, they will be removed from the forums and asked to feel free to join when they are of age.

Any that are currently under the new required age limit, but already a registered and approved member (that is, any member who joined BEFORE March 2008) will be permitted to remain on the forums providing they act in a mature manner and follow the rules. If we become concerned about the conduct of any underage members, we reserve the right to suspend your membership until you turn 15.

2. Forum Etiquette

Immortal Geisha Forums discusses various topics in regards to Geisha, Maiko and various traditional Japanese culture and arts. One of the most important elements to these is etiquette and respect - which we also value and hold of high importance on these forums.

Treat others as you would like to be treated. Immortal Geisha is a forum that has a very global membership with people coming from all different political, social and religious backgrounds. So of course, in some debates hackles might be raised if we disagree with another person's thought process or if a language barrier is encountered.

What is important to remember here is that if you wish for people to listen to your opinions and respect you for them, the favour has to be returned. It is fine to disagree with someone - debate is healthy, but it isn't fine to insult, flame or start arguments just because you firmly believe you are right and everyone else is wrong.

With that said, please don't use disrespectful language or tones when talking to your fellow forum members. If a disagreement arises, refrain from insulting each other. If you feel the other poster is out of line, contact a moderator immediately--do not post your accusations in the thread in question. You also have the option of taking your heated discussion to private messages. Threads that have been derailed by drama will be locked and offending posts deleted, or the whole thread may be removed. Strikes may be issued to anyone who is flaming other members.

3. Lying

We have unfortunately had instances in the past with members lying or making claims about various elements of their life. I'm sure it doesn't need to be said, but lying like this is extremely disrespectful to your fellow forum members and completely goes against the spirit of the forums. Immortal Geisha is not a popularity contest, and while you may think making such claims make you look "cool", the reality is, it just shows members the extreme lengths you will go for to seek attention, and you will lose their respect.

Below is a list of key subjects that get our radar beeping. If we find any members making false claims, they will receive an immediate ban. In these situations, the members may be allowed back if they offer a public apology.

  • No imping (impersonating another forum member or someone related to the flower and willow world whether it be maiko, geiko, tayuu or author or using multiple accounts with malicious intent).
  • Claiming to be a Geisha or Maiko Anyone claiming to be a geisha or maiko will be carefully scrutinized.
  • Claiming to be "Haafu" or of Japanese ancestry when they are not.
  • Claiming to live in Japan. Please note that Immortal Geisha Forums logs the IP (Internet Protocol) of all members on each post individual post for security and moderating purposes. Your IP tells us exactly what country you are posting from.


If you have to ask us, the answer is no. Please refer to Immortal Geisha's FAQ on the subject: http://www.immortalgeisha.com/faq_misc.php#faq0 Your post WILL be immediately deleted. Also, there can be no discussion of becoming a Nishi-geisha, a kimono-san, or opening an okiya outside of Japan.

5. No Discussions about Furisode-san, Kimono-san, or opening an Okiya

What is a Furisode-san?

Furisode-san are young unmarried Japanese women between the age 18 - 23 years old that train for 6 months in Japanese dance and 2 months in tea ceremony in order to entertain and appear at various events. They are employed by the "Asakusa sight-seeing long-sleeved kimono institute" Furisode-san wear furisode, not hikizuri as worn by maiko. They wear wigs styled similar to the maiko's split peach, but only split in the back and the shibori ribbon tighter to the center knot. They do not wear darari obi, they tie their obi in the kouken musubi.

What is a Kimono-San or Nishi-geisha?

Kimono-san and Nishi-geisha are titles created outside of Japan to describe those foreigners who wish to mimic the lifestyle of geisha and maiko. Kimono-san often dress in a cosplay style similar to Furisode-san and attempt to entertain in the Japanese manner. Often, while some of these women have had professional dance, kitsuke or tea-ceremony lessons, many have no traditional Japanese training or have been entirely self taught. These titles are not known in, authorized or recognized by Japan.

What is not acceptable to discuss on the forums? Being a Kimono-san or Nishi Geisha. Asking how to become a Kimono-san or Nishi Geisha. Talking/asking about opening an okiya for Kimono-san or Nishi Geisha. Any discussion of creating a foreign equivalent of geisha, maiko or furisode-san.

You can read Naomi's opinion on the matter here.

6. No spamming.

Anyone who does this will be immediately, permanently banned and their posts deleted.

7. Regarding Advertising

Advertising on the forums will follow strict guidelines. If you would like to advertise your store, your book, or your product, you may do so by applying to become an IG Vendor. The guidelines for the application process are here. Please note that you must follow the guidelines carefully. If your store or product does not meet our standards, you will not be approved.

If you would like to advertise the sale of an individual item not connected with a store, please see the Check out my Auction! thread and post according to the guidelines there. Failing to follow these guidelines will result in a strike. You may not advertise in other sections of the forum, you may not call for commissions, you may not PM spam members with ads, etc.

You may, however, post personal websites in your signature, as long as the signature conforms to the stated signature requirements below. You also may post your crafts or creations as long as you do not mention selling them. In other words, you can show off your skill, but you can't say "Come buy my kanzashi here!" If someone is interested in purchasing your work, please immediately take the discussion into private messages. (i.e. Don't say "PM me if you're interested in buying this!" but it's okay to PM anyone who says, "I want to buy one of those!")

If you have a question, please contact the moderators before posting.

Business Transactions

Above all, there will be no business transactions on the Immortal Geisha forums. Any business that advertises here must take the actual conducting of sales to their own site. The owner and operators of the Immortal Geisha forums will take no responsibility in business transactions conducted off-site or clandestinely on-site, nor will they mediate any disputes.

8. Posting - Quality over Quantity

We strongly encourage members to strive for quality posting rather than quantity. Immortal Geisha has a cute ranking system, and some people feel they want to make their way up the various ranks as fast as they can and do so by "empty posting". We consider consider "empty" posting being when users make a large number of posts a day that consist of nothing much other than "That is cool" or "I like that", etc. When we notice people doing a lot of empty posting, the moderators and Admins have the power to FREEZE any individual user's post count. This still allows for the user to make posts, however, their post count will not increase until we unfreeze it - which means in the long run, it will take longer for the user to increase in ranks. If we put a Post Freeze on you, you will be notified by Private Message.

Please read this thread on Forum Etiquette.

9. No posts requesting help with schoolwork.

This forum should not be, in any way, used to glean information or opinions for school-related projects. This includes anything that is done for school rather than for one's own edification, not only research papers. There is a zero tolerance policy on posts that request help of any kind with schoolwork. Offending posts will be deleted and the poster issued a strike.

10. No goodbye posts or other attention-whoring behavior.

A goodbye post will result in an immediate permanent ban and the thread deleted. Other types of drama-llama behavior will result in a strike.

11. No Plagiarism

Plagiarism results in a permanent ban. No exceptions.

If we find that you have copied someone else's research and presented it here on the Immortal Geisha forums without accrediting it to the original author, we will ban you immediately. Immortal Geisha is an educational site intended for those who are serious about furthering their knowledge. Copying someone else's hard work from another website, forum or other media is absolutely unacceptable.

If you come across information you would like to share, you may quote an excerpt with credit, and preferably, a link.

However, the most honorable and respectable thing to do is your own research. Putting in your own hard work will reflect well on you and make you a very valuable member of this community.

12. No piracy or requests for downloads.

This is illegal, and we are not going to enable and condone illegal activity. Any posts asking for help finding copyrighted or commercial material on streaming video sources or for direct downloading (Sakuran, Memoirs of a Geisha, Maiko-haaan!, to name a few) will be removed and the poster will be issued a strike.

For further details in relation to some of these points, please check out this thread on forum etiquette.

Forum Appearance.

The Immortal Geisha forums have remained over the years attractive, clean and easy to read. We take pride in this and strive to keep it this way, not just for us, but for YOU. As you may have already noticed we've spent a lot of time in creating custom Maiko smilies and two different types of ranking systems with cute icons for our members. All we ask is of two small favours from our members in helping to keep the forums as nice as they are:

Avatar Size

Avatars that are remotely hosted may only be 90 pixels wide x 90 pixels high. We like to keep all avatars a consistent size for both appearance sakes and also to help with the download time of the page for those who may be on slower connections.

If your avatar is larger than 90 x 90 pixels, you will be issued a strike for your first offense. After being issued a strike, you have the standard three days to fix it. If you don't, you will be issued another strike and you will have avatars disabled. If you've had your avatar disabled, you are welcome to run any new avatars by one of us moderators to see if it is of appropriate size. If it is, we will re-enable avatars for you, and you can use the approved one.

Checking the size of your avatar is quite simple. While viewing your avatar image in the browser, right click and select "properties". This will tell you the height and width of your image.

Avatars provided by the Immortal Geisha forum are all within correct dimensions.

Signature Size

Signatures may only be 200 pixels wide X 50 pixels high, including both pictures and text. You will be issued a strike for your first offense. After being issued a strike, you have the standard three days to fix it. If you don't, you will be issued another strike and your signature deleted.

Forum Administration

Private Messages from Moderators

When a moderator private messages you with a request, you have three days to respond. If you do not respond within three days and can offer no viable excuse, you will be issued a strike.

Respect your Moderators

The moderators of Immortal Geisha have all been carefully selected and are a diverse group of people who all have slightly different opinions on things. This leads to a moderating team who very carefully review together any situation before taking action, unless it is a very clear violation of the rules (spammers, etc) and between us all try to keep all our decisions unbiased.

All the moderators work or study full time and work hard to moderate Immortal Geisha in their free time to keep this forum running as smoothly as it is. We ask that you respect the hard work that the moderators do in keeping this place enjoyable for you. If you feel a decision made may be unjust please approach us in a courteous manner, rather than with anger and attitude. The moderators are always happy to review a situation if asked politely, however, if we are insulted and approached with anger and attitude - we are only being given reason to believe our decision was the right one all along. Please keep in mind - we actually don't enjoy policing as much as you don't enjoy being policed - especially when most situations can be avoided simply by being mindful.

Suggestions for a new member:

  • If you'd like to make an introductory post, please post in the All About You! forum.
  • It's okay to include an introduction in your first post if you're asking a question, showing off your kimono, or what have you.
  • Please read the FAQ on the Immortal Geisha website and use the Search function at the top of the forum before submitting questions. Sometimes the Search function can be difficult to use, especially if the post is buried far in the past or you forget the specific terms you want. However, for the most part, it's an excellent search engine. When we moderators find a topic posted that is redundant, clean it up by posting the link to the old thread and lock the current copycat. Further discussion should take place in the old thread. Any pertinent posts made in the new thread will be moved. After a week, the redundant thread will be deleted. No strikes will be issued for reposting an already-discussed topic, but we may issue a strike for repeat offenders.
  • Double check your signature and your avatar. It's a real shame to be issued a strike after your first post because of an oversight like this! Again, avatars are 90 x 90 pixels and signatures are 200 x 50 pixels.

The End

Thanks! If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to private message any of our moderators-- bebemochi, shigatsuhana, Iyolin, or Moonblossom--or the administrator / owner, Immortal Geisha. If you have questions specifically about the events forum, please contact Iyolin and for queries specifically about the vendors forum, please contact Moonblossom.

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