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Forum: How to post an image

The image you are intending to upload must first be hosted on an image hosting site. If you are using an image from someone else's site, it's only polite not to hotlink directly to the image and use up their bandwidth. In that case, you can either save it to your own photo hosting album, or just link instead to the image using [url][/url] tags.

The BBcode tags for uploading an image are: [img][/img]
The web location of the URL would then be placed between the tags. For example, An image URL may look like: Example.png The file type may be .png, .gif, .jpg.

Hosting Sites

Here's a selection of hosting sites:


If you are using photobucket, it's very easy to share images on the forums as photobucket will provide you with the BBcode to upload (along with other easy links). When when hovering above the desired image, or when looking at the page it's hosted on, a little box will have the sharing options. Choose between IMG Code and IMG thumb, copy the code and then paste into your post on the forums where you want the image to appear. When posting lots of images, posting thumbnails is more considerate for other forum users. The thumbnails link to a larger copy of the image.