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Emoticons Explained



The original, beloved Immortal Geisha forum emoticons created by Naomi for the original forum launch in August, 2001.

Not only have these lovely ladies survived multiple forum redesigns along with a six (or so) month hiatus in 2002(?), they have spawned a whole new generation of IG emoticons.

Emoticon 01.gif Emoticon 02.gif Emoticon 03.gif Emoticon 04.gif Emoticon 08.gif
Emoticon 10.gif Emoticon 11.gif Emoticon 12.gif Emoticon 13.gif Emoticon 14.gif
Emoticon 15.gif Emoticon 16.gif Emoticon 17.gif Emoticon 18.gif Emoticon 20.gif
Emoticon 21.gif Emoticon 22.gif Emoticon 23.gif Emoticon 24.gif Emoticon 25.gif
Emoticon 26.gif Emoticon 27.gif Emoticon 28.gif Emoticon 29.gif Emoticon 30.gif
Emoticon 31.gif Emoticon 32.gif Emoticon 33.gif Emoticon 34.gif Emoticon 35.gif
Emoticon 36.gif Emoticon 37.gif Emoticon 38.gif Emoticon 39.gif

New Family

The above ladies were later joined by:

Emoticon bat.gif Emoticon birthday.gif Emoticon witchy.gif
Countess Maiko
Happy Birthday
Witchy Maiko
Emoticon katana.gif Emoticon blonde.gif Forum emoticon hat.gif
Katana Maiko
Blonde Maiko
LOLHat Maiko

And forum members added to the family:

By Moonblossom

Emoticon 19.gif

By Souso

Emoticon ninja.gif Emoticon creepo.gif Emoticon frazzled.gif
Ninjaaa Creepo Frazzled

By Catgirlnat

The following were added in 2007.

Emoticon 05.gif Emoticon 06.gif Emoticon 07.gif
Kitty Smile
Emoticon 40.gif Emoticon 41.gif Emoticon 42.gif
Kitty Drool
Bunny Drool!


Emoticon okoboraptor.gif Emoticon dramallama.gif Emoticon dingo.gif Emoticon rulespoodle.GIF
Discussion in a thread descended into talking about dinosaurs and okobo, and that's what you get...[1]
Drama Llama
for those inciting more drama.
Dingo Ate My Baby
Our Okami-san's response if you ask her to say something in Australian.
Rule Poodle
from a member commenting to another when help with homework was asked: "read the rules, poodle!"


Emoticon bun.gif Emoticon cookie.gif Emoticon orizuru.gif Emoticon pipewrench.gif Emoticon harlotlemon.gif Emoticon ladle.gif
Created by Moonblossom after repeated typo of ban, and Naomi's lamentation of no hot cross buns.
Internet Cookie
For when you want to give someone cookies.
Orizuru/Paper Crane
Created by Moonblossom after the March 2011 Tsunami.
Pipe Wrench
For when you want to show your love for A-Ha.[2]

Or simply to drive a point home. Hard.
Harlot Lemon
To make Harlot Lemon Marmalade.[3]
to go with the Harlot Lemon Marmalade. Be sure to hold it in the middle!

Moderator Rank Icons

For some reason a nautical theme was chosen, perhaps because we often refer to Naomi as our captain, though the pirate kitsuke likely had something to do with that.

Rank naomi.gif Rank bebemochi.gif Rank shigatsuhana.gif Rank iyolin.gif Rank moonblossom.gif Rank mojuko.gif
Captain Okami-san
Created by Ingrid for Naomi after the pirate kitsuke.
Created by Naomi and Moonblossom for Bebemochi, who has a thing for sharks.
Found by Naomi for Shigatsuhana who has several Shiba dogs.
Sparkly Boobie
Created by Moonblossom for Iyolin. Don't ask, cuz she won't tell.
A squid Moonblossom made for herself due to her obsession with sea creatures.
Dingo Ate My Baby
For Mojuko, because she liked it so darn much she changed it to her rank herself.


Emoticon Spam Thread

The official Emoticon Spam Thread was started to allow members to get it out of their system and explore all the new emoticons added in 2011. Some posts have gotten very creative, telling various stories.

Blonde Geisha 1

Emoticon blonde.gif

Author Jina Bacarr is somewhat infamous on the forums for her books called 'The Blonde Geisha' and 'The Blonde Samurai', among other things, such as a youtube series about kimono or other books on the Japanese Art of Sex. The surmising of the plot for the Blonde series led people to write their own little blurbs using the supposed characters.

Blonde Geisha 2

Emoticon ibusan.gif

Jan, 2011. The second reincarnation of the blonde geisha emoticon came about after the discovery of Eve (Ibu/一舞), a real blonde geisha, who is a younger sister of an Anjo geisha. Eve is originally from the Ukraine and, according to her okaa-san, is quite dedicated to learning the arts. A new emoticon was created just for her, as the moderators felt that the other blonde geisha wasn't quite right for a real geisha who seems sweet and dedicated.

Relevant Thread: 一舞/Eve/Ibu

Blonde Geisha 3

Emoticon blondegeisha 2.gif

We all felt that Blonde Geisha 1 just didn't portray the craziness of Jina Bacarr's Blonde Geisha - so she underwent a bit of a face lift...or hair lift... Either way, she seems more appropriate now.


2009. This one stems from a rather silly comment Moonblossom made once in the Kimono Bra thread while trying to describe the overhang large bosoms can cause over an obi. For some reason, the bulk of the forum found this hilarious and it has lived on in infamy, much to Moony's dismay, as she was being fairly serious in her response.


Even a little bit of a bump is acceptable if you can't get them totally gone, basically you just don't want them hanging over your obi. You want an nice clean line ------, not like this U-U "

If you'll pardon my vulgar emoticon art ;)


AKA Princes Beatrice's Royal Wedding Hat, circa April 29th, 2011. The forum members thought it was amusing (as did the rest of the world), and thus pictures of people in kimono with CG'd lolhats and raccoon-eyes started showing up, along with other Japanese cultural items decked out for the Royal Wedding. It also spawned an emoticon.

Forum emoticon hat.gif

Relevant Thread

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