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Forum: Etiquette

This article is an extension of the Forum: Rules. Please be sure to read both carefully.


The forums are a lovely place for people to share information and make friends who are interested in kimono, geisha, and Japanese culture. The forum, while part of the Internet, is owned by Naomi Graham Hormozi, and as such, she (with a team of moderators) sets the rules and guidelines for the forum members to follow. A good way to think of it is as if we were having a gathering in Naomi's living room to discuss wafuku. Because it's a part of Naomi's house, she can set the rules (i.e. no profanity, no smoking, were it a real house). With this type of atmosphere in mind, if you would not comment in that situation, then think twice about posting it.

Posting - Quality over Quantity

Ever since Immortal Geisha Forums have opened, we've actively stated Quality over Quantity in the guideline of how users should post. Over the years we've had issues with what we would consider "empty" posting, with some users making 30 or more posts a day that consist of nothing much other than "that is cool" or "I like that", etc.

Now, while we know that we have a cute ranking system - and that some people want to make their way up the Geiko, Tayuu or Onnagata Path as fast as they can, we strongly dislike people doing this by way of "empty" posting.

We don't necessarily have an issues with the number of post a user makes per day, but rather, what the content of those posts are

OKAY: 30 thoughtful and thought provoking replies, questions, answers or opinions when asked for them, answers a day is fine.

NOT OKAY: 30 posts that are mostly simple replies like "that is cool", "I like that", etc are not okay.

To prevent people from going post crazy with "empty" posts though, there is a forum feature that allows Admins to FREEZE any individual user's post count. This still allows for the user to make posts, but, their post count simply will not increase until we unfreeze it - which means in the long run, it will take longer for you to increase in ranks.

If we feel people are going a little too "empty" post crazy, we will send you a private message notifying you of the post count freeze and that we will unfreeze it when we feel you have calmed down. We are by no means trying to cease conversational topics or posts - as that is what we love best about the forums, but I am trying to cut down on the number of "empty posts".

Hopefully though, we won't need to use this!

Posting Quotes

The QUOTE function is a very handy tool to help highlight specific thing in our post we feel is important, or to quote bits and pieces out of a previous post, or, if it is a long thread, we can quote a post on a different page, etc.

The QUOTE function however, is NOT for carrying on a conversation between two people in a thread when they are really the only ones posting in a thread and posting right after each other and to continuously quote the entire conversation over and over! We've noticed this happening over the years and it only serves to make the threads messy and difficult to read. There is no message or indication to a user when they are quoted, so there's no need to quote them to let them know you've replied (like on some other forums).

The QUOTE is also not for quoting images. Some of our members are on dial up or slower networks, and the repeating of images slows things down for everyone. If you want to refer to an image, quote the text included with it, or bold the name of the image poster as illustrated below. If a moderator finds quoted images, the post is edited to remove the quoted images. This takes some time away from our other duties, so please help us out by not quoting images.

Please stick with using the QUOTE function for its proper purpose. If you wish to carry on a conversation with someone in the same thread, most people do so by typing the person's name in bold like in their post:

Bebemochi - Watch out! There is a Raptor after your llama!

Treat Others as You Wish to be Treated

Everyone seems to be getting along greatly, but we always do like to remind us all that we should treat other forum members as we wish to be treated ourselves. Immortal Geisha Forums is a forum that has a very global membership with people coming from all different political, social and religious backgrounds. So of course, in some debates hackles might be raised if we disagree with another person's thought process or if a language barrier is encountered.

What is important to remember here is that if you wish for people to listen to your opinions and respect you for them, the favour has to be returned. It is fine to disagree with someone - debate is healthy, but it isn't fine to insult, flame or start arguments just because you firmly believe you are right and everyone else is wrong.

So far though, over the years we've been able to have very interesting and in depth discussions, while, may have been a little heated, but for most of the part everyone has respected the other's points of view. Let's be sure to keep it like this!

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