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Forum: Discipline

Although we'd love to not have rules on the forum, over time we've had to develop some, in addition to how we react when the rules are broken.


The moderating team has decided to take a "three strikes" approach to moderating on the Immortal Geisha Forums.

Three strikes is based on baseball/softball in that you are allowed three 'mistakes' before further disciplinary action is taken. A strike consists of receiving a 'strike', which is tracked using forum software and managed by the moderating team. Strikes are given when one of the forum rules is broken.

When a member receives a strike, they are notified by a moderator regarding the infraction and what steps should be taken to rectify the situation, if required. The moderator who messages the member is usually the first one to notice the infraction.

If a member receives 3 strikes, then a temporary ban from the forums will be considered.

Many members have strikes and remain active, contributing members. One strike is not really anything to worry about in the grand scheme of things, provided you review the rules occasionally. When in doubt regarding a post, you can Private Message (PM) a moderator for clarification.

The most common infractions are avatar size, signature size, inappropriate advertising, and asking for help with schoolwork/homework.

Strike Message Content

There is a basic template we've developed over the years that works well for us and is easily understood, as well as modified depending on the strike reason. This template may change a little as the forum updates the phpbb. Because sending these messages is somewhat more of a 'business' like message, the content will not be as friendly/chummy as it would have been should the moderator be sending any other private message.

A strike PM will generally contain:

  • the fact that we are issuing a strike
  • why a strike is being issued, including reference to the specific rule, usually in a quote box
  • a link to the rules
  • the total number of strikes the member has to date
  • a reminder to review the rules
  • a reminder that many members have received a strike and are still active, contributing members
  • an offer to answer any questions and review any post content the member is not sure of in the future
  • moderator signature, so you know who sent the message (though understand it is on behalf of the entire moderating team)
  • a link to the thread in question


Spammers who have gotten through our member application system are permanently banned immediately.

Some members have been permanently banned for behaviour and attitude issues, including but not limited to repeated rudeness, name calling/foul language, repeated arguing with moderators, or not behaving in the spirit of the forums after repeated warnings/strikes.

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