[JP] From Zero Knowledge - Kimono and Playing Primer.

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[JP] From Zero Knowledge - Kimono and Playing Primer.

Post by Fabricmagpie » Mon Mar 26, 2018 11:00 pm

(Chishiki zero kara no kimono to asobou nyumon)
From Zero Knowledge - Kimono and Playing Primer.
By Ishibashi Fuji (Petaco-san)
ISBN-13: 978-4344902626
Language: Japanese
Amazon.jp: can be purchased here


The sequel to Kimono and Living (click for my review) and just as full of fantastic ideas and taking your kimono exploration to a new level.
This one is more focused on making than the first book.

Of particular interest I found:
- Ways of working around kimono that aren't a perfect size for you.
- Glamming up haneri and juban using offcuts
- Adapting old hitoe to overwear (for working around the house)
- Recommended packing list and tips for travelling by plane in kimono (including things to keep in mind going through security)

Recommended for:
- For those who enjoy DIY ideas on personalising their kitsuke
- For those that love a "you can do this", "mistakes are fine" attitude to kimono
- For those who want to learn more incidental things about japanese culture through kimono

Not Recommended for:
- For those who seeking precise and kimono-salon style how-to instructions
- For those who want clear colour reference photographs or specific colour selection instructions
- For those who are intimidated by Japanese-only text
- For people specifically wanting to sew the kimono garment itself

1 Audacious enjoyment. Look 10 years younger.
2 Playing with useful and popular accessories.
3 Simple and pretty, hand made to wear.
4 Stylish in kimono, where to go?
5 Kimono, deeply integrated with history

You can see a few scanslations I have done from the book to promote it to English-only readers here:
http://fabricmagpienest.tumblr.com/tagg ... ko-monthly
I don't yet have many of this particular volume yet but will be adding to this collection little by little

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Re: [JP] From Zero Knowledge - Kimono and Playing Primer.

Post by koneko » Fri Apr 13, 2018 10:45 pm

Hi! Just followed your link and then have been wandering around your Tumblr pages - fab to see! I'm amazed and impressed that you've managed (worked!) to integrate kimono into your life to this degree :smile:

The kimono measurement tool was also particularly useful - I've never seen one before. I don't have a Tumblr account, and was unable to find a way to enlarge the pages you'd translated enough to read the text - is there a way to do this??

You have so many wonderful kimono - beautiful tsumugi checks! (At least they looked tsumugi!) Standing at 5'9 myself, I find I'm also weirdly jealous of your neat ohasori underneath all those fantastic obi :sick:

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