「JP」 From Zero Knowledge - Kimono and Living Primer.

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「JP」 From Zero Knowledge - Kimono and Living Primer.

Post by Fabricmagpie » Mon Mar 26, 2018 10:16 pm

From Zero Knowledge - Kimono and Living Primer.
(Chishiki zero kara no kimono to kurasu nyumon)
From Zero Knowledge - Kimono and Living Primer.
By Ishibashi Fuji (Petaco-san)
ISBN-13: 978-4344900752
Language: Japanese
Amazon.jp: find a copy here


For those who can read some Japanese and love to make things I cannot recommend this book enough for its sheer quality and quantity of ideas, suggestions and life-hacks for living in kimono. From ways of washing your tabi, to making haneri, to suggestions on the top kimono related accessories to keep in your bag: this book has you covered.
It is heavily illustrated (EVERY SINGLE PAGE) in a lovely simple but engaging way. It has numerous step by step visual instructions illustrated.

One of the major draws of this book or me, and it's sequel the Zero knowledge Kimono and Playing Primer(知識ゼロからの着物と遊ぼう入門), is that it is basically a series of two page mini-articles on aspects of kimono that range from the process of wearing, of buying, of making and of living in kimono. Scattered through these are snippets on things like Japanese makeup, the origins of kimono widths, how Japanese sitting posture has changed over time through the influence of their clothing, explorations of specific traditional motifs or non-functional kimono accessories and many other interesting things.

If you are learning Japanese this is also a nice bite-by-bite book to practice reading in that it has furigana on a lot of the kanji and has plenty of small but interesting sections so you don't exhaust yourself getting through it. And bonus - reading it will help you build up a kimono relevant vocabulary.

Of particular interest I found:
- various tips for measuring, buying, making and cleaning kimono items
- some really neat diy komono alternatives (loofah obi makura anyone?)
- Suggestions on seasonal tweaks for hot, cold, wet and windy weather
- General tips in how to get around in kimono (driving, travelling, spot checking your tidiness using windows and table knife blades for mirrors)

- For those who are inspired to wear kimono as day to day/casual clothing
- For those who enjoy DIY ideas on personalising their kitsuke
- For those that love a "you can do this", "mistakes are fine" attitude to kimono
- For those who want to learn more incidental things about japanese culture through kimono

Not Recommended:
- For those who seeking precise and kimono-salon style how-to instructions
- For those who want clear colour reference photographs or specific colour selection instructions
- For those who are intimidated by Japanese-only text (That said there are lots of pictures (EVERY SINGLE PAGE) and visual step by steps so take up your courage in hand and grab a copy)

1 Tweak the tailoring on your favourite kimono
2 [From studying to habitual] tricks for wearing
3 Enjoying the respective Four seasons in Kimono
4 Working, and going out in kimono
5 Hand repair, hand make, and Self-fashion

You can see some scanslations I have done from the book to promote it to English-only readers here: http://fabricmagpienest.tumblr.com/tagg ... ko-monthly

You can see my review of the sequel Zero knowledge Kimono and Playing Primer HERE

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