JP - The Book of Fabric Obi

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JP - The Book of Fabric Obi

Post by sakura_blossom » Thu Mar 23, 2017 6:27 pm

The Book of Fabric Obi

Language: JP
ISBN: 978-4-309-28459-0
Number of pages: 127
Where to buy:
Global Rakuten link link


Book breakdown:
Chapter 1: ファブリック帯をはじめよう
Introduction to “fabric obi” – This section goes over the very basics of fabric obi (also known as heko obi). There’s some photoshoots showing some styling options and where to wear this type of style. They also go over the most basic ways of tying.

Chapter 2: ファブリック帯を楽しもう
Let’s have fun with fabric obi - This section is basically more styling options and photoshoots. It's definitely nice eye candy!

Chapter 3: ファブリック帯を作ろう
How to make fabric obi – This section shows you how to design your own fabric obi, such as reversible designs and how to add embroidery, fringe, tassels, buttons, etc.

Chapter 4: ファブリック帯を結ぼう
How to tie fabric obi – This section starts by showing three basic forms to start the tying process (which they call A-1, A-2, and B). These are then referenced for each musubi thereafter. The musubi featured in this section are:
ノンノ (Non’no)
ワノ (Wano)
シーク (Shiku)
ポロミナ (Poromina)
レラ (Rera)
ハイネ (Haine)
シンタ (Shinta)
タンネラ (Tannera)
レプラ (Repura)
ランタム (Rantamu)
(ショール) リボン結び (Ribbon musubi done with shawl/scarf)*
(ショール) 片輪結び (Katawa musubi done with shawl/scarf)*
(ショール) ヘアゴム結び (Heagomu musubi done with shawl/scarf)*

(*Note that the last 3 are done with a shawl or scarf instead of a fabric obi. Neat! :superhappy: )

Quick review:
Overall, I really like this book. The author shows you how easy it is to tie and even make your own obi in this style, which is encouraging when it comes to supporting kimono as everyday wear. The styles featured are varied from more prim and traditional to modern and funky, so any fashion style can be adapted for these obi. Even if you don't speak Japanese, the pictures are lovely to look at, and it is usually clear enough to understand the steps when it comes to the musubi instructions. The sewing instructions might be a little more difficult without some grasp of basic Japanese (but using a simple translation app was all I needed to understand what was being shown).

-For those who are interested in casual kitsuke
-For those who want instructions of how to tie various fabric (heko) obi knots for women
-For those interested in modern styles
-For those interested in making their own fabric obi
-For those who do well with picture instructions

Not recommended:
-For those who want information on formal kitsuke
-For people who need detailed English language instruction
-For those looking for information on children’s obi musubi
-For those looking for information on men’s obi musubi


Basic instructions on how to make single-layer fabric obi

Shiku musubi instructions

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Re: JP - The Book of Fabric Obi

Post by Tsubame » Sun Jul 02, 2017 10:15 pm

this looks so interesting!
being able to use normal fabric open up a lot of possibilities, and I guess they'll be more comfy too?
the musubi you posted is really cute.

Do they use obi-ita and obi-makura for these musubi, or do they focus more on the casual/easy aspect of this kind of obi?

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