Some Online Resources on Feudal Japan

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Some Online Resources on Feudal Japan

Post by IG Team » Thu Jun 16, 2016 2:04 pm

kugepoet ... sbook.html is the brainchild of Anthony Bryant. Tony's written a couple of books for the Osprey military history series, is pursuing his PhD in Japanese, and his site is the bomb if you're a pre-Edo period re-enactor, particularly in the SCA. I just wish he'd update his "under construction" bits one of these days! is the home page of Ron Broberg, (AKA Otagiri Tatsuzou, the Coffee Ceremony guy). Another SCA-er friend of mine, this page includes a random Japanese name generator using period naming elements, some random notes on appropriate skills for the accomplished samurai (ranging from efficient killing to poetry), and an 18th century "kitsuke for samurai" guide called the Tanki Yoriaku, which he has been annotating with additional pictures, patterns and how-tos on things like making waraji, tabi, etc.

It also links to the Tousando forum - described as "A road for the Japanese in the SCA." While the population is heavily SCA, predominantly male and pretty much devoted to pre-1600 Japan in its scope, it's a very friendly, enthusiastic bunch and you certainly do not have to be part of the Society For Creative Anachronism to come play. Sort of like, well, think of it as Immortal Samurai, substitute armor for kimono, and yeah, it IS kind of like here. :D links to the Tokugawa Art Museum, much of its collection inherited from shogun Tokugawa Ieyasu.

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