Great site, pictures of historical festival page

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Great site, pictures of historical festival page

Post by IG Team » Thu Jun 16, 2016 5:47 pm


That's what I need, a palanquin and four sturdy bearers. :D

Here are some more Jidai Matsuri photos:

Soma Noma Oi (an equestrian festival):

Yabusame (horseback archery):

I don't know how many of these you've already seen, but you may also find the following of interest: ... stor.shtml

Female samurai? Princess?;

That's Tomoe Gozen. She was reputed to be as skilled a warrior as she was beautiful.

What period as these women from :? ?;

I wish I could get a look at the back of her hair, but I'm going to say the Genroku phase of the Edo period at a guess. (1688-1704).

Isn't she supposed to have white face paint? She looks bauetiful none the less though;

Beats me. She might be portraying a boy. Those pom pom things turn up on male costume a lot.

I love her sha silk haori (i know there's probably another name for it, i'm only familiar with modern kimono terms though :P ) and hat :lovelove ;

It's called a suikan. I think she may be some sort of dancer as the outfit is similar to the dress of a shirabyoshi. The reason I DON'T think she's a miko (Shinto acolyte) is that she is accompanied by two men dressed as women. See the "long hair" made of cloth head wraps? This is typical of kyougen (comedy) as opposed to the more melodramatic kabuki or formal noh.

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