[J] Obi Musubi Best Select 50-- Obi musubi guide

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[J] Obi Musubi Best Select 50-- Obi musubi guide

Post by IG Team » Sat Jun 25, 2016 9:50 am

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Obi Musubi Best Select 50
ISBN 4529035654 :jp
Amazon.co.jp Link


My Review
While this book offers, as it says, 50 different obi musubi to wear with anything from yukata to furisode, I'm not sure I agree that it's the "Best Select." The range of musubi presented is incredible-- including traditional standbys like otaiko and fukura suzume, variations on these classics, and entirely new, exciting musubi for married and unmarried women, casual and formal situations, and men, as well. However, when you pick up the book, its slim 97 pages immediately alerts you to a problem. A big problem.

This book is very much not for beginners, or even intermediate kimono wearers. The instructions for each of the musubi contained is extremely abbreviated, assuming advanced kitsuke knowledge to fill in the gaps. The illustrations (no photos at all on 95% of the tutorials) are sketches at best, and the situation isn't furthered by the fact that most of the instructions are in complete grayscale or grayscale and blue.

Admittedly, I do not read Japanese. So perhaps the instructions that are included with each tutorial do more than make up for the lack in the illustrations. If any of you who are fluent have picked up this book and found it wonderful, I would be happy if you would comment and add to my review.

What the book does offer that might appeal to a wider group of kitsuke enthusiasts are several different methods of tying otaiko (both on the back) and one furisode musubi you can tie without assistance. (It's the one that looks a lot like a bunko musubi for hanhaba obi.) There are also several pages that detail obijime and obiage variations.

There are a few full color pages of women wearing various unusual musubi with their kimono. The coordination is rather dated-looking, even though the book was published in 2001. And when I say dated, I don't mean traditional. I mean 80s.

Some of these photos are interesting, though. One photo shows a very young married woman in a kurotomesode. The pattern at the hem almost reaches her waist. Another photo shows a young woman wearing a furisode musubi with a very muted tsukesage. Another, women wearing furisode musubi with irotomesode. Are these pictures meant to show that you can depart from standard kimono practice? Is the author just being wild and crazy? I don't know, because I can't read! Haha.

I'm not sure I would tell anyone to spend the money on this book, even though it's inexpensive. It's confusing and incomprehensible for beginners, and there are more worthwhile books out there for those who are more advanced.

Recommended for:
Extremely advanced kimono wearers who like to have large libraries and have money to burn

Not recommended for:
Everybody else

Many pages of this book can be found at Amazon.co.jp -- it has a "search inside this book" feature. You can find it here. Included are the table of contents, grayscale pages showing this book's tutorial on tying otaiko, and the back of the book.

I did make a couple of scans for other sections of the book.

This shows one of the coordination pages.

This shows one of the grayscale and blue musubi tutorial pages, for a furisode musubi, specifically.

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