Hajimete demo Nueru - Kodomo no Kimono [J]

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Hajimete demo Nueru - Kodomo no Kimono [J]

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はじめてでも縫える こどものきもの
Hajimete demo Nueru - Kodomo no Kimono
It's your first time, but you can sew it - Children's Kimono



ISBN: 978-4-579-10827-5
Price: Y1200

Buy from:
YesAsia (temporarily out of stock as of this post - that's probably my fault ^^;)

I bought this book because I had seen someone on the forums recommend it for learning how to construct kimono. (I did some searches to try and find the post again, but I couldn't... sorry!) Although it's a book for children's clothing, the sewing techniques in the book are very detailed and can easily be applied to sewing adult-sized kimono. Looking through the book, I notice there are a few things about children's kimono that are different from adult kimono - added tucks around the shoulders, no horizontal tuck, etc. - but on the whole, the construction techniques seem very similar.

It has detailed sewing instructions for children's kimono, including:
- Awase and hitoe kimono
- Hifu (red garment the girl on the right of the cover is wearing)
- Awase haori
- Hakama
- Tsuke-obi
- Four types of kinchaku
- Two-piece juban
- Two types of semamori (protective medallions sewn to the back of children's kimono)

Basically, there are instructions for everything the children on the front cover are wearing, plus a few extras. The book covers both girls' and boys' outfits, although the emphasis is on girls' clothing.

The book itself is put together very nicely with lots of color pictures at the front. The monochrome pages look very nice as well, and the lack of color doesn't interfere with understanding the diagrams. Here's the breakdown of the pages:
- Pages 1-4 - monochrome - Table of Contents
- Pages 5-16 - color - Pictures of children modeling the kimono and accessories you can make with the book (totally cute!)
- Pages 17-29 - monochrome - Taking measurements, some sewing instructions
- Pages 30-55 - color - Instructions for hitoe/awase kimono and hifu
- Pages 56-81 - monochrome - Instructions for everything else

Some example pages (sorry for the edges of the scans - I didn't want to push the spine of the book down all the way):

The book has instructions on how to make the yukata, tsuke-obi, and kinchaku this girl is wearing.
*overdoses on cuteness*

An example of one of the monochrome pages. This is part of the section discussing different sewing stitches.

One of the colored instructional pages on how to attach the collar to a hitoe kimono.

Another colored page on how to sew a sleeve for an awase kimono.

I would recommend this book for...
- People who want to sew kimono for children
- People who want to sew kimono for themselves and can extrapolate the patterns to their size

I would not recommend this book for...
- People who have no experience with sewing
- People who have no knowledge of how kimono are constructed (go read the Knowledge Bank!)
- In the case of making adult kimono, people who feel uncomfortable deviating from sewing instructions

Because it is in Japanese and it does assume you know what you're doing to some degree, I wouldn't recommend this book for someone who has no prior knowledge of kimono. But between the IG forums and this book, I'm pretty darn sure you could figure out what you're doing with a little bit of patience.

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