Furisode Obi Style 205 [J]

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Furisode Obi Style 205 [J]

Post by shira » Sat Jun 25, 2016 9:24 am

NAME: Karabana

Book Title: Furisode Obi Tying 205 Style
Language: Japanese
No of Pages:136

This is an instructional book on how to tie your obi into many different styles suitable for furisode.

I bought it through an Ebay listing (and was delivered from the USA)。

Book Review:
It is possible to find sites out on the internet with instructions on how to tie your obi but as is the way instructions can be difficult to fathom, what makes sense to one person might not to another. The information can be hard to find (especially if your first language isn't Japanese) and more often than not all the info is widely scattered.

It makes sense to be able to have a handy reference readily available with all the neccesary information you need in one place. Despite it's slim volume and the fact it is written all in Japanese, I would recommend this book for the kitsuke enthusiast even you can't speak Japanese. Why? Quite simply it features loads of clear pictures in an easy to follow process, that shows one how to tie fukuro obi into 205 styles, that is suitable for wearing with furisode.

It is laid out and labelled (in the traditional right to left format but numbered clearly ) showing how to pull off various styles. A lovely touch is that it also shows how to create variations on a particular musubi, just by adding a step or two at the end without complicating the whole process.

As you progress through the book I felt that you can work up in progression to attempt more 'difficult' styles but I must admit that several of the styles look harder to create than they actually are. It shows how pleating and folding parts of the obi are created and then how all of the folds and pleats are incorporated into various styles. Especially of note the photos clearly show when you need to tie on your obi makura.

And it doesn't stop just there, it also goes onto show how you can tie and wear your obiage in different ways, along with your obijime (both thick and thin types) to wear with your obi.

In summary it's easy instructions are a boon to follow with some great styles to copy (I'm not sure if you could tie them on your self but a willing victim would be able to follow the instructions and do it for you instead) and even if you don't want to attempt a new musubi by practising on a dummy (or sibling) you can drool over all the gorgeous obi instead.

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