Beginner's Guide to Braiding by Jacqui Carey

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Beginner's Guide to Braiding by Jacqui Carey

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Beginner's Guide to Braiding: The Craft of Kumihimo
Reissued as Japanese Braiding: The Art of Kumihimo (virtually the same, but spiral bound)
Jacqui Carey
ISBN: 978-1-84448-426-3
Old edition, Amazon
New edition, Amazon

  • Introduction
    Materials and equipment
    Square braids
    Round braids
    Flat braids
    Honeycomb braids
    Hollow braids
    Rounded flat braids
    Using your braids

The strength of the Beginner's Guide to Braiding lies in its photography. Carey introduces the reader to kumihimo not only through circle and arrow diagrams, but with step-by-step pictures of her hands moving the threads. Each chapter begins with photographic instruction on how to make the kind of braid named followed by variations on the basic braid that can be achieved using different colors or thicknesses of thread. The variations have circle diagrams that illustrate the different set ups, as the motions remain the same.

This is an excellent book for someone who has just bought or built a marudai. All examples are eight bobbins only, for more complex braids refer to Creative Kumihimo by the same author. All of the braids in the book could be used as komono if you wished, but the round and flat braids especially could be easily adapted as obijime and haori ties.

Recommended for:
-Anyone interested in kumihimo

Not recommended for:
-Advanced braiders who already own Creative Kumihimo

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