Making Kumihimo: Japanese Interlaced Braids by Rodrick Owen

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Making Kumihimo: Japanese Interlaced Braids by Rodrick Owen

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Making Kumihimo: Japanese Interlaced Braids
Roderick Owen
ISBN: 1-86108-312-2


  • Part 1: Before You Start
    • Interlaced braids: an overview
      Setting up
    Part 2: The Designs
    • Plain and colour-and-weave patterns
      Rep braids
      Adding edge and centre pattern
      Double braids
      Pick-up braids

This book is intended to be used with a takadai, a kind of stand loom for making flat braids, not a marudai, the cousin of spool braiding. The diagram of the parts of a takadai (p.25) is useful to someone who has never seen one, but probably insufficient if one would wish to construct one oneself. A source list for equipment is included (p.181).

Owen is reasonably clear about how to go about braiding, including diagrams and worksheets for designing your own patterns, but I would not recommend this book for beginners or someone who has no prior weaving experience. Owen chooses to use weaving terms whenever possible, although this leads to some slight confusion in places.

The designs provided are not suitable for obijime (which Owen refers to as obijima consistently, I am unsure if this is one of the books many British-isms as the author makes several other mistakes including calling Nagoya obi "a broad, round braid with tassels, which was tied at the back of the kimono (p.22)") as they are too wide. It might be possible to adapt the patterns to be hand woven (like a friendship bracelet), but I would not suggest buying this book based on that. It's a book to check out the library and leaf through, not own.

Recommended for:

-People who already have a takadai
-Weavers interested in learning a bit about kumihimo

Not recommended for:

-People who want to make obijime
-Someone who wants to build a takadai

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