[J] One week furoshiki life

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[J] One week furoshiki life

Post by shira » Sun Jun 19, 2016 9:18 am

NAME: Tsubame

Yamato Nadeshiko's one week furoshiki life
大和撫子の ふろしき生活一週間
ISBN: 4777804461


This is a nice book for getting creative idea for using furoshiki in the daily life: at work, gym, home, free time.
It's organized for days of the week, with 9-10 projects per day. The instructions are drawn, they are easy to follow but rather small, most of the page is occupied by the photo of the finished project.
There is then a part about fabrics, history, types, sizes, and historical pieces (I suppose, I can't read japanese unfortunately!)
I find it very inspiring for finding new uses and techniques for furoshiki!

- who is looking for new techniques and inspirations!
- who can follow small drawn instructions

Not recommend:
- beginners, I find the illustrations easy to follow, but maybe if you aren't familiar with basic wraps they can result hard
- someone who need extensive instructions and big illustrations

the "look inside" service on amazon gives a good preview of the content!

On my motif wishlist: nangoku, shell-matching game, hyakunin isshu

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