Hanging kimono in your closet (short-medium term storage)

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Hanging kimono in your closet (short-medium term storage)

Post by Ariane » Sat Jun 10, 2017 1:27 am

Hello all,

I usually pack my kimono in tatoushi (paper kimono wrappers) and store them in a plastic box after each use, but since these days I do kitsuke once a week or more, I wonder if it's OK to just hang the (folded) kimono in a regular closet? I've seen people doing it before in magazines but it might have been only to display their collection...

Any one does it? If so, how do you fold the kimono for it to hold on the hanger (I might just go check at a kimono store tomorrow, but if anyone has a special technique, I'd like to hear about it)?
Thank you!

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Re: Hanging kimono in your closet (short-medium term storage)

Post by Wim » Tue Jun 13, 2017 6:55 am

Long storage I use also the tatoushi paper.
Because of the folding, wrapping and finding an empty spot in the drawers I don't do this when there is a good chance I will be wearing it again the coming week. :wink_samurai:

short term I have hanged them near the wall on a kimono hanger (emonkake) or folded out on the spare bed. Those rails on the wall usually for hanging paintings are very handy indeed to attach multiple kimono hangers :smile_samurai:

Haven't tried to hang them in the closet though..

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